Regency Franchise Group spent July 20-23 in Washington, D.C. for its national sales conference. With a spin off theme of “Regency Revolution”, this year was all about growth. As part of the conference, there were three presentations done by members of the Regency team which shared the best methods and ways to improve in business. The presentations were a competition, dubbed the Value2 Cup, and the Regency team members in the audience were the judges.

The winner ended up being Capital Ford Automotive of Regency franchise, TNT, which was presented by Kimberly Fulford (not pictured) with assistance from Linda Hanson (left) and David Sturdivant (right). Sturdivant and Connie Lancaster are both with TNT, a business which prides itself in “branding with a boom by developing unique and business-aligned concepts with the aim of helping clients create long-lasting relationships through the power of stand-out promotional products.” Regency helped Capital Ford by supplying state of the art technology to them, which cut down on time and expenses especially as it pertained to apparel. The conference ended with an announcement of next year’s location, which will be in Orlando, Florida.

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