Roscoe Properties with Gonzalez Grows Leaps and Bounds

When Roscoe Properties joined forces with Gonzalez Office Products, no one could have known the partnership that would one day result in a booming business venture. With an e-print store that contains products from business cards to apparel to badges, there are endless possibilities for what can be put into the customized online store.
Roscoe Properties, a property management company in Texas, manages over 50 properties and adds one to four a month. They are a fast-growing, high energy business with plans to expand outside of Texas within the next year. Gonzalez Office Products aids them by being a single source provider for everything they need from print, promo, furniture and break room supplies.

Jesse Pantoja, a business solutions expert with Gonzalez who works closely with Roscoe Properties, says, “One thing we really helped them with was universalizing their brand identity. Before we came in, there was no consistency, so that’s something we’ve been really proud of.”

Gonzalez has enabled Roscoe Properties by utilizing high end technology to mainstream products they buy which saves time, money and effort. In working with RFG Growth Teams, Gonzalez is able to provide specific solutions for Roscoe’s needs by utilizing the signature technology from RFG. Since their corporate e-store went live in June of 2015, they have seen a 120 percent increase in monthly purchases. If you compare the month before the e-store opened to just one year later, there has been an increase in sales by 158 percent.

Roscoe began with only a few locations before growing to the titan that it is now which needs a signature launch page solution. From strategy calls to subject matter expert involvement as well as attending client-facing appointments, RFG supported Gonzalez from beginning to end. That process is utilized today for new hires and locations and procurement of items from floor mats to marketing materials to pens.

This partnership has even led to additional accounts for Gonzalez Office Products because of employees spreading the word of how beneficial the relationship is on both ends. At the end of the day, the collaboration between Roscoe Properties and Gonzalez Office Products has been invaluable and will only continue to grow as time passes.
Gonzalez Office Products is a franchisee of Regency Franchise Group, a company founded in 2002 based out of Raleigh, North Carolina that is one of the fastest growing print, promotional products, corporate apparel and office supply companies in the nation. RFG extends its innovative technology to its franchisees which enables them to consolidate transactions into a single shopping cart, as well as provide customized account payable solutions.